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Reasons To Re-Upholster Your Valuable Furnishings

The reasons to reupholster are varied. Here are some worth thinking about …

  • The frame-work of the existing lounge suite is of a much better quality, than most manufactured today.
  • An older-style lounge suite can be adapted and updated with modern lines, possibly with new legs, for a totally new and refreshed look.
  • Antiques and family heirlooms have a sentimental value, but don’t have to stay in the same fabric forever.
  • You know you have purchased a quality piece of furniture. Maintain that investment by having it recovered, instead of buying a new one?
  • You have been to all of the furniture showrooms and haven’t found what you are looking for. Your existing suite is comfortable, you might be better off having it recovered.
  • When comparing the cost of a new lounge verses re-upholstering an older lounge, for the same price, the quality of the fabric on the re-upholstered lounge is far superior.
  • Fashion changes in interior colour schemes often leads to new upholstery needs.
  • Comparing like-quality, it is less expensive to re-upholster than buying a new Parker or Chiswell lounge suite.
  • It’s good for the environment. Rather than dump the hardwood in the frame, why not reuse it?

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